2 Pack Tennis Elbow Brace & Pain Relief Cream

✔ EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF & ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Targeted compression to the affected area creates a counterforce to relieve pain & discomfort from conditions such as Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) - Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) - Tendonitis - Arthritis – Cubital Tunnel & Ulnar Nerve disorders. The gel like compression pad facilitates healing through improved blood flow to sore muscles for increased arm strength, allowing you to continue to work & play.

✔ FULLY ADJUSTABLE & VERSATILE DESIGN: The Dual Velcro Clasp System enables a custom fit of small & large sizes for women & men on the left arm or the right arm. The compact design enables you to work & play without the strap getting in the way. No more giving up your favorite pastime.

    ✔ PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION: Tight & secure stitching & seamwork ensures no frayed edges & loose stitches. Made from durable, thick & flexible 65% Neoprene & 35% Nylon for a more comfortable fit than ones from the doctor’s office or local drug store. Soft but firm generous cushioning from the gel like compression padding keeps muscles stationary & secure to prevent further damage more effectively than air pad versions.

      ✔ POWERFUL BLEND: Researched and tested ingredients for effective pain relief & recovery in a generous 3 oz jar to last you a good long while. Feel the benefits of Arnica Montana, Menthol (3.7%), MSM, Vitamins B6 & E, Aloe Vera, Ilex Leaf Extract & Tea Tree Oil expertly blended together in an FDA regulated facility right here in the USA.
        ✔ HYBRID FORMULA: A unique non-greasy, sticky, icky or oily formula that lasts. Easier to apply than thicker creams with the spreadability to cover all the contours of your body. The smoothness of a cream & the vanishing absorption of a gel expertly blended with the best ingredients to promote your body’s natural healing. A deep penetrating & refreshing cooling sensation with an invigorating minty scent to revitalize stiff, tense, achy, strained, sprained, bruised, sore muscles and joints.


          Get instant pain relief without the meds with the:

          Tennis Elbow Brace & Pain Relief Cream by Body Toolbox Address repetitive arm motion injuries such as:

          Tendonitis - Tennis Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis - Golfer’s Elbow Medial Epicondylitis - Arthritis - Radial Tunnel Syndrome - Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Ulnar Nerve disorders - Elbow Hyperextension Pain.

          The best forearm brace / elbow strap to complement or replace a tendonitis elbow sleeve.

          ✔ SOFT & FIRM GEL COMPRESSION PAD - for comfort, muscle stability & improved blood flow during arm motion activities 

          ✔ “DUAL VELCRO CLASP SYSTEM” - for a fully adjustable tailored fit on the right arm or left arm 

          ✔ GENEROUS CUSHIONING - to cover the entire pain area for targeted pain relief 

          ✔ TIGHT & SECURE STITCHING & SEAMWORK - for durability & long extended use over time 

          ✔ DURABLE, THICK & FLEXIBLE HIGH GRADE NEOPRENE - provides superior breathability, strength & resilience over cheap & inferior alternatives from the doctor’s office or your local drug store.

          Multiple uses for sports & everyday activities.

          The cream is a unique non-pill pain relief treatment that spreads evenly and effortlessly across the body & absorbs deep into the skin to target areas of pain experienced in joints and muscles.

          Key ingredients are:

          ★ Menthol 3.7% (Active Ingredient) - Provides deep penetrating pain relief, cools the skin & works as a local Anesthetic

          ★ Arnica Montana Extract - A powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to increases circulation

          ★ Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - Helps promote normal nerve function

          ★ MSM - An anti-inflammatory that supports healthy connective tissues

          ★ Ilex Leaf extract - Natural caffeine that increases circulation & conditions the skin

          ★ Tea Tree Oil - Penetrates skin & accelerates skin healing

          ★ Vitamin E - Anti-inflammatory that enhances blood circulation & hydrates skin

          ★ Aloe - Anti-inflammatory properties that softens & hydrates skin